Posted by: Diane | July 13, 2011


There’s a little kid in all of us, isn’t there?

Chris and I had another great day with Phoenix – making breakfast together, eating freezies, jumping the big waves, picking peas and beans from the garden, going to McDonalds, eating Jelly Jigglers, checking out a raccoon skull, listening to Phoenie talk to Lola, his dog, on the phone, chewing bubble gum together and witnessing a front tooth pop out tonight.  Phoenix was really happy that he would be getting more money for his tooth because his dog lost a tooth on the same day (Dawne planted that seed. Thanks a lot.)

My favourite moment was watching Phoenie and Chris playing with a new toy that Phoenie’s friends gave him today – a remote control UFO.  It was so funny to watch Chris figure out how the toy worked, anticipating the first launch of the UFO and being all there while the two of them marvelled at THEIR new toy. I could see the little boy in Chris as he basked in the excitement and novelty of this very cool toy. I could see it in his eyes and the smile on his face.


Hanging out with children really does bring out the child in each of us.  Chris and I enjoy every adventure with Phoenix and want to build special memories for him when he thinks back on times at Papak and Nana’s house.  When we are with Phoenix, we laugh at the smallest things, we lean down and see things from his perspective, we marvel at maggots and stars and Mr. Froggy and new words and shad flys and growing another inch. Our hearts stay young and our times together trigger good memories of simpler days. Our grandson sweeps us away from the heaviness of life.

How do we keep child-like wonder alive in the midst of all the pressures, disappointments and responsibilities of adulthood? We slow down. We make time for little ones, little giggles and little wonders.  We let go of all that drives us and choose to coast a bit. We act on the truth that the world will not fall apart if we choose to take it off our shoulders for a while.

It’s tough to do. Adulthood prevails.  It looms over us in clouds and leans heavily on our minds.  There are moments that it pulls us in so many directions that we are left gasping for air. Adulthood is exhausting and it can rob us of simplicity and lightness – but only if we allow it to do so.


  1. Oh the joys of maggots, beetles, ants, bees, and the odd penny we find! Isn’t it wonderful to see life from a different perspective!

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