Posted by: Diane | July 10, 2011


First time experiences are unique.

You make the choice to try something new. Your heart beats faster as you get ready.  There is the thrill of the unknown, the joy of learning and the satisfaction of success.

This weekend, I witnessed a lot of “firsts” with my friends and family and I loved every minute of it.

There was three year old Isaiah, experiencing his first “chip dip” bar…


and  discovering two skunks, enjoying watermelon rinds in our compost hole across the railroad tracks…

…and Mikaela enjoying her first chocolate cream puff…

choc a bloc

…and watching Danae’s boyfriend get up on waterskiis for the first time…

…and eating fresh beans, peas and green onions from our first ever vegetable garden…


…and piggy-backing my twenty-six year old daughter in the water…


…and making a casserole that tasted like wallpaper paste…(and watching everyone try to enjoy it!)

and Mike and Danae’s first time tubing together.


It’s about clapping and “hootin’ and hollerin” when someone succeeds.  It’s about watching people’s expressions of pride when they try something new and like it. It’s about watching that special moment when the world gets a bit bigger for someone.

You were there when it happened and that’s the way it will always be.

Rejoice with those who rejoice…  Romans 12:15


  1. Amen! I hope your toe heals quickly. Peace, joy and abundant blessings in each summer adventure. Friends are like diamonds aren’t they!?

  2. What glorious weekend!!I’m living vicariously with my broken ankle and infection complications. Loved the photos too.

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