Posted by: Diane | July 8, 2011


When I was teaching, I started getting really tired in early May. Mentally, I knew that there was still two more months of classes, a spring concert, Track and Field Day, Grade 8 graduation, Grad Formal, final exams and Grade 12 Graduation left to go but physically, I was dragging.  Every year, I had to convince my body to keep going. What got me through those last couple of months was knowing that summer was waiting for me.  For ten years, the school year schedule provided the rhythm for my life and my body caught on.

This past year was different.

Last August, I started writing a book and didn’t return to school in September.  As the months unfolded, every day felt like every day, long weekends came and went, there was no Christmas or March Break and I didn’t take any sick days.

I knew Spring had arrived because the ice was melting on the lake, people were putting their docks in and the spiders had started spinning their webs on the backyard clothesline.  Alsops Beach Road was thawing out and getting  muddy, birds were waking us up in the early hours of the morning, vegetables were peeking out of the garden soil and our bedroom window stayed open all night. Oh yes, I knew spring had sprung.

But I totally missed the beginning of summer. There was no end of school and despite Canada Day celebrations and warm weather, each day merely melted into the next…until today.

This morning, I looked out the window and this is what I saw.


Now, THAT’S  summer – three young boys, catching minnows off the dock.

There’s no question…summer has arrived.


  1. Reminds me of my childhood- watching my brothers with just shorts on all summer, no shirts. Just fishin’ !!!! Sigh…..

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