Posted by: Diane | July 6, 2011

Peas, Peas, Glorious Peas

What screams “SUMMER!” to you?  For me, it’s fresh green peas!


I was driving home from a full day in the city and to my delight, I saw that my favourite seasonal fruit and vegetable stand had officially opened. You have to understand that I have been counting down the days until this bright red, family-owned, makeshift produce barn / corn maze / strawberry field would open its doors so this was a very good moment for me.

I felt like a little girl in a candy shop as I shuffled across the crowded parking lot, rounded the corner, scoped out the area and eyed a huge pile of fresh, glorious, green peas, bursting out of a basket. Of course, there were also homemade pies and jams, cheese curds and an abundance of fruits and vegetables in the barn but my goal was to fill the biggest bag I could find with fresh peas and head out. $10.40 later…mission accomplished.

I ran to the car, turned the air conditionner on full blast and started to wolf down these delectable treats.

Snap the top off the pea pod.

Skilfully pull the seam fibre down the full length of the pod.

Gently push open the pod.

Roll the peas down and out of the pod.

Pop the peas in your mouth and savor the flavor.

That’s how you do it and that’s what I did.  The empty pea pods piled up on the passenger seat and I just kept on eating.

After five minutes of snacking, I looked up long enough to see a young woman and a little boy approach my car.  I have to admit – I resented the distraction from my long awaited “peafest” but  I swallowed my peas and opened my window.

“I hope you don’t mind me telling you this but I have never seen anyone enjoy peas more than you! You see, Jonathan?  THAT’S how you eat peas. See how many this lady has eaten? (as she pointed to the Mount Everest pile of pea pods beside me)

My face turned red with embarrassment and I had no idea what to say.   The lady smiled at me, said “thank you” and whisked the little boy back into their car.

I felt strange. Rebuked. Robbed of the simple joy of enjoying my peas.  But I decided not to analyze the situation too much…and snapped off the top of another pea pod.


  1. Yum!!! Bring on the peas !! Nature at it’s best.
    Don’t feel rebuked Diane. She was using you as a positive example of enjoyment of vegetables!!! Seeing someone so enjoying the fresh peas may tweek the boy’s curiosity to see what the appeal is. Pass the peas, please!!!

  2. Hi Buff,
    I also enjoy peafests!!
    Finally onto reading your blog!
    Hard year. We’ll have to skype soon! xxo

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