Posted by: Diane | June 6, 2011

He Is The Way

I just returned from a gruelling interview to become a school bus driver for the fall.  It amazes me that the process is so complicated but I’m also impressed that it’s so thorough. You can rest assured that your children are taking school buses with very qualified, well trained, drug-free, physically healthy drivers!

Writing is going well – that’s where my heart and passion lie –  and I want to continue blogging, speaking and writing my book when September rolls around.  However, a challenge presents itself because there is also a need for me to bring in some inkling of income.  Reality has shown me that there isn’t much energy left in me after a full day’s work, five days a week.  Maybe if I was twenty five years old, I could do it but at fifty plus, it’s too much for me. So I need to get creative.

For the past couple of months, I have been praying about different employment options to pursue.  From my limited perspective, the ideal job would be in our local grocery store.  I could walk to work, do an early shift and be back home in time to write.  I would love to be piling grapefruit, getting to know my community, having no preparation on the front or back end of my shift…this would definitely be my first choice. I’ve talked with the manager and handed in my resume but he can’t commit to any hiring until early August.

So, my second choice is to drive a school bus.  It also has some advantages – close to home, provides a big chunk of writing time during the day, no preparation on the front or back end of the shift, a lot of opportunity in the company to advance and train others AND school holidays off!  It doesn’t pay very well but I can continue doing some tutoring on the weekends and between the two jobs, I can make ends meet. I had a good feeling about the company this morning as I looked around the office, talked with the supervisor and learned more about the requirements for this position. I was pleasantly surprised with the whole experience.

My life direction is changing…and change can be inspiring. It’s a little unsettling at times but with the right attitude and faith in God’s presence and provision, the unknown can be a breath of fresh air.  I can not see what lies ahead, but I can see the countenance, the character and the direction of the One who calls me to walk with Him and holds the lantern to light each faltering step.

My Christian life has taught me that most often, God refuses to act in easily understandable ways. He is not a predictable, theological entity, frozen on the throne.  He is alive and active and wants us to trust Him with the details of our lives. God and changes are “constants” in this world. Yet, how tempting it is to hold onto what we have, even when we know that we need a change, rather than confidently looking to Him for new direction.

You are my lamp, O Lord; the Lord turns my darkness into light.    2 Samuel 22:29


  1. You could always be a waitress again!!! 🙂

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