Posted by: Diane | June 2, 2011

Blessed Beyond Measure

I was up until 4:00 a.m. this morning because my mind was racing with excitement.

Last night, my husband came home with a brand new MacBook Pro for me!  A “spanking new -never been used – all mine – go for it, Diane – create that revised book proposal” laptop. What a moment of glee when I first laid eyes on this beauty.  I squealed with delight and played well into the night!

I’m a little bleary-eyed this afternoon and still overwhelmed. Like my girlfriend said,” You’re like a little kid with a new toy!  Fun Fun!”  Danielle is so right.  It IS fun! I love it. Me – a laptop geek. Who would have ever thunk it???

I’ve never had my own laptop and I must say, it feels mighty good. I’ve been using everyone else’s old PCs and borrowing laptops from various members of the family for so long that ownership is a strange sensation.

As some of you know, the six year old laptop that I inherited from my husband died a painful death on May 13th, when I proceeded to trip over the cord and watch with horror as the laptop bounced on the floor and began to gurgle. My husband handled that catastrophe with supernatural grace and not a word of frustration escaped from his mouth. I think he just resigned to himself that it was just another Mr. Magoo moment for me.

I know this new laptop is Chris’ way of saying, “I believe in you, Diane…and I believe in this book…so keep writing.”  What a wonderful expression of love. My husband has edited 170 blog posts and formatted three book proposals with a standard of excellence.  He has been the ears that have listened to hundreds of ideas, (bad and good), the voice of encouragement when the rejections come in, the big arms that surround me when I begin to doubt myself and the quiet but steady “keep going after your dream” investor that props me up in my writing chair and reminds me of the hope and the passion that I have to write and publish this book and others. It’s a long journey but I don’t travel alone.

Someone once said, “sometimes, we need God with skin on.”  

Thank you,Lord…for gifting me with such a wonderful, loving, accepting and encouraging husband. You have blessed me beyond measure.

..and I’m glad that I cleaned and vacuumed his car yesterday!


  1. haha, you a laptop geek (: i love it. that’s hilarious!

    so good to hear, keep on writing, Mrs. Lindstrom

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